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Frieraum: Art Project links Carlisle to Europe.

​Directed in Carlisle by Phillip Hewitson

Poets and writers from the monthly 'SpeakEasy' spoken word event in Carlisle, collaborated with other local writers and artists, to present a live event to showcase Carlisle's 'Sphere ofFreedom'.

Writers, poets, musicians, performers, artists, film makers, photographers and others will contribute to an evening centred around four themes. Contributors examined all these themes in a wide range of ways and disciplines.

  • Firstly, 'What is Isolation?' - What isolation means to different people, is it necessarily a bad thing?
  • 'How can we overcome isolation?' - How do we engage with isolation and can we suggest ways to reach out to communities or individuals?
  • 'What is Freedom?' – This is such a fundamental idea and is of great value to everyone. Freedom is precious and should be the norm, but is it? How can we define something as universal as Freedom to be sure we can deliver the correct environment for people to live and find self expression?
  • 'What does European identity mean to you?' – We in the U.K. are part of Europe, you cannot argue with geography. What issues are there behind people's perceptions of being a European citizen today?

These themes will provide the basis for contributions in many different mediums and artistic forms.

The 'SpeakEasy' event was be structured in three sections.

  • First: A live crossover / linkup to an event running simultaneously in Thessaloniki run by our colleagues at ArtBOX.
  • Second: A section of short films, pre-recorded video and digital art exploring the themes and issues raised.
  • Third: Poetry, stories, spoken word and music and some surprises round out the event.

The event was live streamed on Facebook Live as well being filmed as part of our record of the entire process from development to project delivery.

The event was created by Nick Pemberton and directed and completed by Phillip Hewitson.

These images were taken by Anthony Haywood

FRIERAUM. Carlisle steps up to the plate
Speakeasy FRIERAUM by Jane Moss-Luffrum


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